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As the senatorial elections approach, Democrat Feingold, a long standing campaign finance reformer, must renounce his previous views, changing his 2015 strategy.

The Hill reports:
Feingold has frustrated liberals in the past by running on the principles of his campaign finance reform law and turning away financial help from national Democrats and outside groups.
There’s been an explosion of campaign spending since Feingold last ran for office, but he opens himself up to charges of hypocrisy if he accepts outside help.
In addition to going back on his previous values, Feingold refuses to change his outdated agenda—one that costed him the election in 2015.

The National Journal explains:

[Republicans] say they will make the next contest a rerun of the last race, believing a politician who has yet to recant his old agenda will have a tough time convincing voters they made a mistake when they threw him out of office the first time.
If Senator Feingold does not admit he was wrong, then that means he thinks the voters were wrong," said Betsy Ankney, Johnson's campaign manager. "Telling Wisconsinites they were wrong is a surefire way to lose an election.
Clearly, Feingold has no intentions of altering his previous agenda of expanding the power of the government. However, he will do what needs to be done: a true manipulating politician.

The Wisconsin State Journal quotes Senator Johnson saying:

"Sen. Feingold is a professional politician," Johnson said. "He really thinks, I believe, that the seat belongs to him."
Moreover, Feingold has relocated to California since he lost the election in 2010. His unfamiliarity will serve as a large advantage for Johnson.

The National Journal reports:

In their view, Feingold's outreach effort isn't a sign of changed candidate as much of a politician who has had to reacquaint himself in a state he has lost touch with.
All in all, Feingold faces a difficult road ahead facing claims of ideological hypocrisy, unchanging agendas and regional disaffiliation.
NRSC | June 12, 2015 |
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